A new revenue stream for your business

Make money by offering crypto services. Enable your customers to instantly buy or sell crypto e.g. Bitcoin. Join the beta today!

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Increase your revenue by offering crypto services to your customers


Boost your sales by attracting new customers into your business


Increase the reputation of your business by offering crypto services


Align your business to the future. Leverage technology to grow your business


Toropal is build with usability and security in mind. We provide a great user experience by eliminating the complexities and the risks associated with offering crypto services.


Toropal provides instant settlement for crypto transactions. We eliminate the volatility risks and technical barriers associated with offering crypto services.


No need to buy a Bitcoin ATM, use a smartphone or tablet device instead to make extra money by offering crypto services to your customers.


Offer your customers a diverse range of crypto currencies. We support multiple crypto coins including BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH and plan to support more.


Manage multiple store locations from your phone using a single account. Simple to use with no technical or crypto expertise needed.

No need to buy a Bitcoin ATM

Toropal makes offering crypto services secure and easy. Use a smartphone or tablet to offer crypto to your customers in-store. Customers choose to use any payment option you support e.g. Cash, Debit, Credit, Interac, Paypal, Bank transfer, etc.

Bitcoin ATM Toropal App
Purchase Cost $15,000 Save $15,000 in Bitcoin ATM cost
Maintenance Cost $30,000 per year Save $30,000 in maintenance cost
Supported Coins Bitcoin ONLY Multiple crypto currencies
Exchange Large bid-ask spread Zero bid-ask spread
Locations Costly to install and manage in multiple locations Manage dozens of your locations from your phone

Frequently Asked Questions

We believe in making simple, secure and easy to use applications. We make it possible for anyone to offer crypto services without having prior crypto experience.

Use the Receive functionality to request crypto when the customer is selling and the Send functionality to send crypto when the customer is buying.

Money service businesses seeking to make money by offering cryptocurrency services to their customers. With our platform, business owners get to leverage crypto in increasing their revenue and growing their business.

Having a Bitcoin ATM at your location is a great way to make extra money. However, it’s inconvenient and very expensive. Our revolutionary app allows you to provide cryptocurrency services using your smartphone instead.

Contact us for API endpoints if you need to add Toropal realtime crypto qoutes into your application.

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The most convenient way to offer crypto services. Use a smartphone or tablet to easily offer crypto services to your customers.

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